When the smart ideas and technologies are coming together, it is more than possible to solve the smart challenges and design the most important things for consumers. The technology which we are going to introduce is Smart Helmet.
The Daqri team (Inventors of this device) thinks that it is so important that with a help of this smart Helmet we consider the user experience – what the worker would see. 
How the system works? The Helmet combines array of cameras so the headgear can “see” in 360 degrees and a high-precision depth sensor. What the smart Helmet allows the worker to do is to take wall construction, augment data or information right on the top of actual work environment.  What is the most powerful feature is the ability to integrate live data for existing equipment and to visualize it the context of real word.
This is something that has never been done before. It is designed completely from the ground app with augmented reality in mind and with industrial applications in mind.
The team shares that initially the aim was not just to make a device but to make a revolution in techworld.
The smart Helmet knows how you move or where you are and it can map the environment and can create a 3D construction with facilities.
 When you have multiple people with Helmets, they share that information and you can build the entire model and the facility.
This is the first time available product having this much compatible power.
In a nutshell this powerful technology makes your working environment more enjoyable and precise.


DAQRI Smart Helmet: Origins