Running through airports with pounds of luggage – that’s a good workout. Delsey suggests an excellent one. Go on reading to get the idea.
Seems like anything we are touching normally will once turn out to be smart.
Today we are in a hurry to introduce you Smart Luggage concept which the creator Delsey has called Pluggage.
The Smart Luggage concept allows you to stay in a constant connection with your luggage. The frequent travelers will likely appreciate this connected luggage better. The prototype forbids you ever to lose your luggage or anything from inside.
The company has suggested valuable options to its customers. Your choices are:

* Auto-weight:  the option lets you be aware how much your luggage weighs using the suitcase’s integrate scale to avoid paying extra fees.

 * Instant battery reload: This lets you charge a phone in the absence of outlets at the airport or wherever you are.

 * Onboard detection: The app lets you know once your suitcase is on board and takes the guesswork out of whether the airline has lost your luggage… again.

* Inside lighting system: The option allows you to get the real time notification when the suitcase is opened.

* Flight info: Entering your flight details into the app shows you the latest updates.

* Fingerprint ID: You can choose to add a fingerprint lock as an extra layer of protection when launching the app or opening Pluggage.

* Check lock: The app can tell you if the suitcase has been opened by someone else.

* Weather forecast: If you’ve entered your flight info, the app can tell you the kind of weather to expect at your destination.

* Inside speaker: You can pull out Pluggage’s hidden speaker to play your music.

* Trip info: Lets you create departure or must-see checklists during your trip.

Still it has remained uncertain why the customers can’t choose and manage the all above options. Many of them are pretty cool and more than useful, we must say.
Hopefully in future the all options will be available  😉