Seems Smart Mirrors are going to be used not only in cars but in shops too.
Apparently all of us want to see ourselves in a few different outfits at the same time before deciding which one to buy, which color is going on us mostly. Neiman Marcus now lets shoppers to view them side by side, to compare the colors and outfits. The retailer’s Memory Mirror takes video and tells what you try on for comparison, in addition to 360-degree views so you can see all the angles and items in different colors. Moreover the snapshots from the digital mirror are able to be shared in Social Nets so your friends can sometimes help you to decide. There’s also an option to share the session with a salesperson so they can recommend new items next time.
Currently the Memory Mirror is only installed at the Walnut Creek, California location, and the other units will be placed by the end of this month.
Most importantly, the system will work for men too.