Who could ever imagine that once there will exist cars with smart mirrors, cars with windscreen concept, self-driving cars,  virtual cars or at least cars with smart brakes, smart pedals. All this stuff is meant for people’s safety and convenience. All these features will decrease the accidents possibility.
Autonomous cars may have been all the rage at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, but most of the tech showcased is still pretty far off. What isn’t, however, are smarter stopping systems.
In fact, there are many streets, highways threatening an obvious traffic jam or autocrash. That is why dynamic and smart braking support has been invented to give advanced safe features for new cars.
Well, what is the difference between the former pedals and the new ones. The former was using sensors to activate the brakes if a crash is imminent. Whereas the dynamic braking support increases stopping power when the driver hasn’t put enough pressure on the braking pedal.
The statistics coming from streets accidents proved that they are rather rear-end crashes and the majority of drivers either didn’t push the brakes at all or fully before impact.


Smart Stop Technology