All of us do remember that Ridley Scott once asked people to record videos to be compiled into the Life in a Day movie. Bryan Pijanowski, Purdue University’s Soundscape ecologist, wants to repeat the same action but in a much more creative way. He intends to repeat the task with audio rather than video. He has developed the Soundscape Recorder app which is available on iOS and Android. The app asks people to record two-three minutes of ambient noise to help measure the changes to the sonic surrounding. The moment you’ve recorded may be your fav moment or just a simple moment, you will be asked to describe it especially how it made you feel, what emotions you got and so on.
So this app creates new imaginary dimensions, you will learn to describe moments by its noise, you can discover much more than by seeing something visually. It’s like reading a book without watching a movie. Most importantly this app gives people an opportunity to measure his/her imagination level and compare it with others.
 Just bear in mind not to record the noise of empty room as that’s not helping.