Never miss the chance to experience new adrenaline. Here is another cool sense of immersion via Oculus Rift. Gamers have tried Zombie-Survival Game Dying Light on the Oculus Rift.  
It is hard to describe what the Oculus Rift can do with human brain for a while.
Literally it cuts you off from the reality; it switches off your real senses and instead it “rewards” you with incredibly huge amount of adrenaline, Goosebumps, emotions, any kind of sense haven’t been felt before.  
Once the headset in on you, once you are in it, feels like you are there, which makes things like jumping from rooftop to rooftop far more frightening than they traditionally would be because the part of your brain fears height kicks in and says you are in danger, which surely makes combat more intense.
As an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Apps and Games development company, X-TECH shares some important tips with you. 

1. Make sure your stomach is not empty before putting the headset on you.
2. Don’t keep the headset on you more than 7 minutes.
3. It’d be better to experience the VR in a sitting position in case if no one is around.
4. While being in the game try to take breathers.

Apparently some people will be turned off from playing VR at all, we don’t mind.
Any way Dying Light Zombie launches in early 2015, those who want to find themselves in tropical paradise and nightmare meanwhile, can do it with Oculus Rift dev kit.


Dying Light Using Oculus VR