This is how cafes and restaurants can keep their visitors all day long. Touch tables came around to replace waiters and waitresses. It was amazing to discover Pizza Hut’s technological innovation. Just tapping the screen you are able to prepare and construct pizza of your taste. Simply swipe up and down, select spice or something else, pick your crust, cheese either half or whole, then add topping like chicken, mushrooms and peppers to your meal with a liking. After that you have made your decision instead of sitting and getting bored you can swipe to game category and find yourself in games wide option. Select your favorite game and enjoy till your appetizer is being ready.
After all don’t forget to wash your hands to avoid greasy stranger danger.
Sure this technological innovation will spread its wings with light speed and the entertaining days will fulfill people’s life with joy.



Pizza Hut + Chaotic Moon Studios Interactive Concept Table