Girls, forget the times when the only way of choosing the shades of  cosmetics was the face doing process so as to make sure whether goes it on your faces or not so much. Forget as well the times when that make up journey was taking from you countless of hours. Augmented Reality technology has raised up to do favor and facilitate our work.
What you need to do? Simply you need to stand before the Augmented Reality mirror and tap on your favorite lipstick, powder or eyeshadow tints.
Due to this slick Augmented Reality mirror if once you find yourself in makeup store while visiting Milan, Italy you will have that lucky chance in your hands to try on almost every shade of eyeshadow the company sells without ever putting any of it on your face.
How the system works! It is rather easy!
The company ModiFace has created the mirror using real-time facial tracking and 3D. It accurately tints the person’s eyelids to any shade, at any angle or even when the face is moving around. No need to proportionally fit your face in a certain position or anything.
Currently this pleasure is available only at Sephora store. Nonetheless it is assumed to spread its wings onwards. 😉


Sephora 3D Augmented Reality Mirror