Virtual Reality is on its way to astonish us with its super impressive innovations.
Yes, VR is coming for real and everyone wants to seize the moment to taste a piece of pie. People want to put every dumb-looking headset onto the face. Today it is Sulon Cortex, a big ol’ camera-toting headset that claims it’ll turn your living room into the holodeck.  
Simply the Sulon Cortex is partly Oculus, partly Kinect. Nonetheless it is not using the two gadgets, but the end result is a mixture of the two concepts.
How is it structured?
The self-contained unit is a screen mounted in front of user’s face, and a big, wide-angle ball-shaped IR camera which sits on the back of user’s skull like an all seeing something. By gathering this all it will be possible to scan your room in seconds and then immediately feed it back to you on the screen with dragons, portals or anything that will cheer you up and for extra fun.
Naturally and literally you are making your room or any kind of area into quite a Gamezone full of extreme and emotions.


Sulon Cortex VR Preview Interview