Seems like Google doesn’t stand and stop innovating and astonishing people. The latest thing that Google put before us is Google Fit health data platform. This new platform is going totally compete with Apple’s HealthKit platform and Samsung’s SAMI platform (both of them were announced this spring).
In the next few weeks Google will release a set of Google Fit APIs to app developers allowing them to create apps which can manage and combine multiple types of health data.
The data will measure like heart rate, steps taken and blood sugar level. These data can be collected from various devices including the devices that use sensors to detect biometrics data.  
Google claims that Fit API will let app makers to present a complete overview of the user’s fitness.
The Google Fit API will allow app makers to present “a complete picture of the user’s fitness,” as Google says it.
Google states that the utilization of the apps will be super easy and the users will have full control over what apps use their health data. 
There are couples of brands like Adidas, Nike that are on the way to release such sensor based health wearables that will integrate with the Google Fit platform.
Nike has quietly  been  working with Apple on integration with the HealthKit platform.