Every second IT company is trying hard to let wearable game in. Nonetheless they cannot be something like Apple Watches or Google Glass.  But wait! Here is Toshiba and it’s got a Toshiba Glass prototype to show off. We’ll say this right at the start: the technical specifics like price isn’t being discussed yet but the fact is that Toshiba’s eye-based wearable prototype has been predictable.
So what about the system’s structure all in all? The hardware is the combination of a tiny projector connected to frames. System also has special one-sided reflective glass which is considered to catch projector.  The system is bulky and lightweight, which is fine until you realize that this prototype needs incessant connection to work.
Ultimately, it’s too early to say whether face computers are the future or not. But with Google Glass leading the way, it’s not surprising that companies including Toshiba, Samsung, and Lenovo have all begun working on their own head-mounted wearables just in case they turn out to be the next big thing.