Learn to drive! And never say that your “mission” in life is to be a passenger.
It is not that difficult, nor dangerous.
Just imagine what if you could practice handling difficulties and distractions on the road without hazardous real-world consequences?
You don’t need to imagine that any more as Toyota has lately launched an Oculus Rift experience which educates both teens and adults about safe driving.
You’ll ask any way how the system works?
Well, deputing at Detroit Auto Show, this virtual reality simulator puts a teenage inside a real stationary car by equipping him with Oculus Rift headset and creates the real car driving atmosphere with all possible characters, such as various dangerous situations on the road to surmount, distractions, loud music, road constructions, sirens, yapping friends in the back seat and a smart phone with constant incoming texts. The drivers are tasked and strongly challenged to keep their eyes on the road, if they don’t, they are more likely to crash and fail the test.
The simulator has been created too carefully by taking into consideration every single detail: Your every head movement is tracked in real-time, there is also provided 100° field of view, the music itself has also been chosen carefully – the 3D audio makes the blaring music and yelling friends feel close and personal.
“It’s the same way your eyes perceive images in the real world,” explains the Toyota press release.
It’s a good idea to draw tech’s attention into safe driving points; the vivid example of this are smart mirrors integration into cars or virtual windscreens making the accidents impossible.
It becomes an open secret that this new concept is an important step towards auto safety education. It may not feel quite real, but its lessons are vivid and it’s a lot more novel than your average driver’s ed course. 


toyota launches oculus experience