Surely you all can recall IllumiRoom which was Microsoft’s research project combining an Xbox Kinect with a projector to enlarge your TV onto wall. Now the IllumiRoom is called RoomAlive and has an enormous jerk over what it was last year. The system uses multiple procams with off-the shelf projectors, Kinects and a smaller computer to control them. All in all the system turns your den into insane game level. You can feel like you are fighting with dangerous dragons or anything else you are able to imagine.
RoomAlive can track multiple players. Users can use weapons letting them hit or blow up creatures. It is also capable to project textures and cyber-critters onto your walls, furniture, curtains and ceiling, transforming your den into a holodeck or a factory.
There can be  requirements like putting all your energy power to get out from hazardous traps, with any failure resulting in a bloody wound projected virtually onto your body.
Check out the insane video below and install the RoomAlive system  😉


RoomAlive: Magical Experiences Enabled by Scalable, Adaptive Projector-Camera Units