The upcoming iOS games are going to be much more appealing. Especially the fans of iPhone games will be involved and interested in this. The new iOS games are meant to be not only interesting, inviting but also logical they automatically push users think, develop their orientation abilities. Today iOS is going to break the gates of improbability and incredibility and release iPhone games embracing gamaholics and not only.
X-TECH Creative Studio is currently working on a new mobile game project, the genre of which is RPG. Game is called “Princess” and is being developed for iOS version.

It is basically oriented for wide audience having restriction the minimum age of 8 year and is designed for 6-8 play-hours.
This upcoming game on mobile have numerous of solved features like graphics and video, various types of sound effects, music effects, two, three dimensional graphics and animation, models, weapons and the like.
The game levels are being developed and each level should be passed within a certain time sequence, every single level has its unique peculiarities.
Go on reading to get the game’s interesting plot.

A Renaissance era filled with romance in a peace land ruled by King Heron and his princess, the beautiful Princess Senalda (who had taken over after her mother passed away). The King was at war with an evil queen from the Netherworld named, Queen Zaila, who wanted to rule over King Heron’s kingdom.
King Heron’s army of soldiers was in great danger as Queen Zaila had sent a plague against them that would cursed them to their death (she sends poisoned food) forcing King Heron to face his death (by going to his army) and save his people. But, as he reaches his troops, he is too late. The army of soldiers lies defeated by Queen Zaila’s demise.

Meanwhile, Princess Senalda is back at the kingdom walking through a forest, practicing the art of sword fighting with her best friend, Kana, a young Asian servant who King Heron adopted at birth.  As the two young siblings practiced together, the young Prince Liam, from the neighboring City of Galgia, noticed the young Princess. It was not long before Princess Senalda and Prince fell in love.
Disrupted by sounds of the war where Queen Zalia was defeating King Heron’s army, the prince, princess and Kana run towards the war, only to arrive as King Heron has been brutally beaten by Queen Zalia’s soldiers. Prince Liam draws his sword to defend and protect the young princess, but her army is powerful over him. Queen Zaila’s minions take the prince and Kana captivate dragging them away as the Princess is thrown in a cave and locked up.

By controlling Princess the player kills monsters on his way and solves riddles, collects evidences, keys, opens the chests up, finds weapons and health elixirs. The player can also collect tips, gold and keys which are considered to be universal currency of game. Using gold coins the player can buy weapons, health potions, tips and so on… All this stuff is a necessity for passing the levels.
There are only 5 levels in this game-three of which are located in dungeons, the fourth one is the level of forest where the player rescues the people and helps them and finally the fifth level is held at castle where the player must fight with monsters, collect keys and open the right doors.

Finally, the game is over when the player dies. Player may keep playing by paying an x amount of gold coins to the angel who resurrects the Princess (If there are not enough gold coins the player can buy them from the shop).
Otherwise the player will be transferred to cemetery and eventually he keeps playing from there by his 10% performance.
Those who are keen on RPG genre will, by all means, be interested in this upcoming iPhone game.