Kinect has claimed itself as an entertainment brand and is going to give birth to upcoming Kinect games 2014 which will be much more tempting above human imagination. The new Kinect games in 2014 will provide wide range of new possibilities in kinecting games. However, still there is something to be dreamed such as terms of upcoming games. That are the upcoming games as in “substantive, testing, and imaginative”. Fortunately the upcoming offerings are going to be looked substantial, testing and definitely too imaginative.

And today’s article will open up and spot the new features of Kinect for Windows SDK v1.8.
Last time the developers created  Kinect-enabled HTML5 web applications by adding an extensible webserver for Kinect data alongside with JavaScript API which provides the developers bunch of functionalities right out of the box.

1. Interactions-That is to say implementing of hand pointer movements, press and grip the events useful for cursor, button and other stuff controlling.
2. User Viewer- That is to say visual presentation of the users who are currently visible for the Kinect sensor and simultaneously uses different colors for indicating each user conditions.
3. Background Removal- It indicates a “Green screen” image for each person at a certain time.
4. Skeleton- It is a basic skeleton data such as tracking position, united positions, united orientations, etc.
5. Sensor Status- Events respective to sensor connection/disconnection

All this eventually becomes possible due to the addition of an extensible webserver for Kinect data alongside with a JavaScript API which provides developers huge functionality immediately out of the box.
This can be considered enough functionality for creating a tempting application, however it doesn’t reflect the total string of Kinect sensor capacities.
The final solution includes full final sample code available on CodePlex. For accumulating  the mentioned sample we will also need Microsoft Samples Kinect Webserver.
More concretely on the server side we will do the following steps.

1. Creation of speech identification, recognition engine.
2. Bind the already created engine to a Kinect sensor auto stream.
3. Allow the speech grammar to be identified and recognized by the web client.

This may be achieved by building a class called SpeechStreamHandler, derived from Microsoft.
Making it short only by glancing at nowadays Kinect games we can claim confidently that in 2014 the upcoming Kinect games are going to exceed and be more dynamic, tempting, entertaining and much more imaginative.