There is a constant wonder in anyone of us how will we lookalike or how will we sound from the third person’s view.  Sometimes there comes a time when we wish to tap on the button in real life to switch to a third person view.
Guys living in tech world made it happen.  Indeed this process requires the user to wear Rift Oculus and a big ol’ dual camera. This project is realized by Polish team tinkers named Mepi.
With a help of this  you are able to see more than in your real life. 
How the system works and how it is structured that the device gives the sense of third person’s view. The rig uses a custom-built, 3D-printed mount to hold two GoPros just above and behind the wearer’s head. With a joystick wired up to an Arduino and a few servos, the wearer is able to control where the camera is looking.
Watch the video below to get the point.  😉


Real World Third Person Perspective VR / AR Experiment