Virtual reality is the first step in a grand adventure into the landscape of the imagination.
Virtual reality is stepping so forward, it is doing wonders which can spare joy, enjoyment and which can treat to boost and recover people’s memory. Yes it is being used in more ways than one. Besides serving as a quite entertaining machine, the researchers have worked on developing new treatment system which will improve the stroke patients’ memory, which will drive their state of condition into a good physical and mental health. The treatment method has been developed by the professional researchers from the University of Canterbury, located in New Zealand.  
Professor Tanja Mitrovic says that the preliminary tests of this system have worked properly for the stroke patients. They can practice their cognitive skills in this environment ever since.
Sure the memory and sought of remembering something necessary is very important. So why not to integrate the latest technologies to interfere in the process of memory treatment.
According to Mitrovic “It is a complex cognitive ability, which requires coordination of multiple cognitive abilities: spatial navigation, retrospective memory, attention and executive functioning. We have developed a computer-based treatment based on visual imagery which teaches participants how to remember time and event-based prospective memory tasks. After the treatment, participants practiced their skills using videos first and later in a 3D virtual reality environment.”
The researches have tested the system on 15 stroke survivors. And the 10 individual sessions for each participant has given the desired effect, they were taught professionally how to memorize and remember things and other memory based tasks.
After the treatment session the results showed that the stroke patients who have participated in the study increased at a significant rate.
The aim of the researchers is to enhance this system and make it available on web for stoke patients for free of charge.