“Our goal of $50,000 is the minimum amount needed to make this happen, but we have much higher aspirations than just that.” – EON Sports VR head team says.
We are surprised how many VR headsets there are and how many incredible fields they are being exploited in.
Today we are going to present how sports have dragged modern VR craze happily in their rows. “EON Sports” VR has chosen soccer, one of the most prominent sports in the US. Having in the crew newly launched Kickstarter, and backed by legendary NFL coach Mike Ditka, the Kansas city, Missouri-based startup aims to integrate VR into soccer training.  The goal of this project is to train and build different training experience quite different than we used to have so far. This approach will be as fun as video games are, yet as serious as training camp is.
Imagine the software is teaching and training you to play soccer.
The constructed software is currently used by coaches over the country.
“EON Sports is revolutionizing football in the way you study the game, the way you understand your opponent and the way you prepare, and you will have a visual of it, which is much better than film doing in certain situations. It’s revolutionary and unbelievable.” Says Ditka.”
The specialists and the coaches are sticked to project to make this happen.
Personally from my point of view this project is adopted to achieve success, the proof of it are the wealth of knowledge of coaches, the professional approach of the crew and surely the positive atmosphere during the work.  😉


EON Sports Innovative Football Training