Since 2011 up to present X-TECH has been engaged in developing Kinect Apps and Games. Kinect is not only device for entertainment and joyful time. This is much more serious above human imagination.
To many people’s mind Kinect is just a modern gaming device. Nevertheless the company X-TECH has seen the utilization of Kinect in pretty number of separate spheres. Just give yourself an opportunity to take a spring from one field of science to another.
Let’s have a short tour in places where Kinect is used; special for Football fans, company has developed Kinect Football Brazil Game, giving the fans that chance to play football and score like on the green field, besides, in the field of marketing company’s first experiment was the Kinect Football. 
You will meet Kinect in malls, boutiques where people are doing Kinect virtual dressing. Another step and we will find ourselves in schools where Kinect teaches.  Let’s go forward… Now Kinect has its special place in hospitals for physiotherapies. Lately company has been working on a new project for Kinect virtual group therapy
This list is simply uncountable and has a huge potential to grow further. And the very day when Kinect starts to save lives we will announce it a TOTTAL WINNER.  😉


We are building future today with Kinect at X-TECH