Imagine you have got an extra-ordinary chance to create your world of dreams. Tell us what would it be look like? Maybe you want a world of your fav movie or a world full of dragons, perhaps a world with alien fauna leaping about underneath a double sunset.
Be sure whatever you imagine and create you wouldn’t recreate the interior of a Tesco store.
Below you can find a video showing a demo for the Oculus Rift which allows customers to observe Tesco Store.
By taking on the Oculus Rift you will tour around the store from  row to row.
At the end, the video suggests store customers to play football with a virtual Pelé. The stadium is decorated so vicious that the customers always want to go back to the store.
Tesco gives the customers chance to have time management system that is to say without spending time on having an excursion in the market, just wear Oculus Rift and have fun by seeking for your product.  Isn’t it cool?  😉


Tesco Pele – Virtual Reality Experience