Reportedly now it is possible to develop Windows Store apps that are utilizing Kinect for Windows! This can be implemented with a help of your favorite set of tools: XAML & C#. Unfortunately it is impossible to target RT devices, the reason is that app requires the Kinect drivers and runtime to be installed on the device. Another step is that next to the RT tables lack the CPU/GPU bandwidth that is required. The user needs to bear in mind that he/she has to check this when he/she is starting an app to preserve a nice user experience. There are also universal apps that can be built for Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and Xbox One.
Kevin Kennedy introduces how to create Windows Store apps that are using the Kinect for Windows.
He starts off with a quick introduction to Kinect with a high level overview of the architecture where after he explains how the Kinect methodology works. In the coding demos he creates a Windows Store app that illustrates the infrared stream and map the Hand Left-joint on it by using the Body Stream!