Do you want to discover new prospects and dimensions? Do you want to be among the ones who are not sticking on the same place for a long time?  So keep being straightforward and stubborn to achieve perfect results.
X-TECH is the company that once was a contender who refused to give up. Now the company is swimming in the tech ocean and constantly getting inspired by innovative technologies.

X-TECH already develops Oculus Rift VR based Apps and Games.

Our first experience and first challenge with Oculus was to create an application which allows users to become an astronaut, to soar and be cut off from the earth.    

Our next step was to facilitate it in marketing industry. For Pepsi brand we have created an application where the user finds himself as a goalkeeper in soccer stadium protecting the gates from spot kicks. The challenge is the following- cope with the kicks and get Pepsi for free.

We are sure that the usage of this advanced technology exists both in marketing, gaming and in various fields of science.