It is a special honor for us to announce till what dimensions the SnowBall Effect has reached.
Initially this game was developed with only touch and tilt functions and was available only for Android.
And today by adding body control function to this game, SnowBall Effect got the first desired place in the contest of Extreme Reality (XTR3D).
Powered by Extreme Reality’s Extreme Motion technology, Snowball Effect Motion Control unchains the user from holding the device. It enables any mobile device to turn into a motion console, while utilizing only the device’s front-facing camera.  Instead of avatar the players control the harrying little snowball which gradually turns to be bigger and bigger accumulating weight which is the main point of challenge, The heavier the snowball is, the nearer you are to score.
 SnowBall Effect is a free game and available on Google Play and Amazon App Store. This game, since the release on March 2014 had already 10.000 downloads.  
“We are thrilled to give our players an additional playing experience in cooperation with Extreme Reality” says Arman Atoyan, CEO and Founder of X-TECH Games.


SnowBall Effect Motion Control Gameplay with XTR3D by X-TECH